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Next.js is a React framework that enables you to build SEO-friendly websites from the ground up. At AAMAX, we use it to deliver pages with optimizations and features that aren’t available through template builders. Get faster performance, improved flexibility, and enhanced rankings in search engine page results over time. It’s perfect for blog websites, e-commerce platforms, landing pages, and data-driven web apps. Try our Next.js web development services today and experience the difference for yourself.

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Basic Package

Website in Next.js


/ 14 Days
  • 7 pages
  • Responsive design
  • Browser compatibility
  • Speed optimization
  • Source code
  • Deployment

Standard Package

Business Website in Next.js


/ 30 Days
  • 15 pages
  • Responsive design
  • Browser compatibility
  • Slider/scroller
  • Strapi headless CMS
  • Speed optimization
  • Source code
  • Deployment

Premium Package

A Website on the MERN Stack


/ 60 Days
  • 25 pages
  • Custom design
  • Responsive website
  • Slider/scroller
  • Content upload
  • Speed optimization
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Source code
  • Deployment

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A Very Special Next.js Web Development Agency


Customized Solutions

Create a website built around your needs and business objectives.


Efficient and agile solutions

Benefit from Next.js’s built-in tools for speedy development.


Enhanced SEO

Use advanced technologies for the lightning-fast page loading Google loves.

Our Next.js Web Development Services


Performance Optimization

Get server-side rendering (SSG) and static site generation (SSG) for fast loading times while benefiting from code splitting.


Custom Development

Benefit from everything from e-commerce websites with frictionless checkout experiences to CMS systems built around you and interactive UI/UX.


Modern Technology Integration

Leverage headless CMS for content management or API integrations for enhanced backend services. The choice is yours with Next.js features.


Maintenance and Support

Ensure the longevity and reliability of your Next.js web applications with our expert maintenance and support services.

No room for dissatisfaction

Choose us for unparalleled service—where dedication to perfection and client satisfaction ensures each project becomes a success story.

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The quality of the website AAMAX built was second-to-none. The whole company is impressed with what they’ve done.

Zain Zubair

Muizz Technology

AAMAX provided us with a fantastic service compared to the previous agency. Now our site is converting more traffic than ever before.

Zohaib Mahmood

Filhaal UK

AAMAX supported us throughout the whole process, helping us get more customers and revenues. We’re thrilled with what they did for our site and marketing campaigns.

Tassawer Hussain

Healthcare Industry Jobs

We couldn’t find anyone good to build an app for us until we discovered AAMAX. They listened to our brief carefully and followed our instructions to the letter.

Malik Kurdi

Exemplary Marketing

It made a massive difference to our business when we started using AAMAX. Profitability doubled and then doubled again in just a few months.

Alexandr Mitev


Use AAMAX if you want to get all the services your business needs in one place. Don’t bother with anyone else.

Qaiser Chuhan

Raabta International


Developers use Next.js for various purposes, including building full-stack web applications. Most start with basic React components for the UI and use Next.js to add more features to meet branding and marketing needs. The software configures React’s tooling.

Next.js is not necessarily better than React but does offer various tools that streamline the development process. However, React.js still has superior resources for the front-end development of mobile and web apps, so developers often use them in tandem.

Next.js enables full-stack web app development by extending React’s features. As a Next.js web development company, we have found that it allows us to do more than React alone because it integrates with Rust-based JavaScript for faster builds.

While Next.js is a versatile tool, some projects shouldn’t use it. For example, if you want to build single-page applications relying on client-side rendering or asynchronous data fetching, it might not be the best choice. Vue could be superior.

Most developers use Next.js for complex projects that require web designs that diverge from standard template models. Therefore, the tool might be overkill for blogs that are often well-served by standard CMSs with integrated feature sets.

Next.js is open-source and free to use, like many other JavaScript frameworks. However, you will still need to pay developers’ fees to get them to build a compelling app for you, whether single-page or multi-page.