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Article writing is a conundrum in the online world. Different from both copy and blog writing, you need to put much more time and effort into crafting an article for your online content catalogue. Many businesses don’t have this time to spare. Nevertheless, articles are an important type of content in the current digital landscape. If you’re in need of article creation, AAMAX can help you.

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Articles Written By the Experts

We work with you to research and write informative articles.


SEO Incorporation For Higher Search Engine Ranking

We always write articles according to current SEO best practices.


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We write in your style and tone for perfect content.

How AAMAX Writes Articles That Attract Attention and Convert


We always take a professional approach

Article writing requires the creator to take on a professional tone. We’ll ensure this aligns with your specific brand’s style.


Our content approach will tell your customers everything they need to know

Above all else, an article should be informative. We’ll seamlessly match this initial purpose to what you’re trying to sell.


All articles will speak to the reader from your point and tone

You know your voice. We’ll quickly come to know it too. You’ll be able to hear yourself through our writing.


We’ll ensure we deliver totally original content every single time

An article should have a point to make. AAMAX will ensure that point is original and thoroughly researched throughout content.

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Choose us for unparalleled service—where dedication to perfection and client satisfaction ensures each project becomes a success story.

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We couldn’t find anyone good to build an app for us until we discovered AAMAX. They listened to our brief carefully and followed our instructions to the letter.

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It made a massive difference to our business when we started using AAMAX. Profitability doubled and then doubled again in just a few months.

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Article writing is the basis of creating long form, informative and/or persuasive content for a website. Articles are made to be read by as many people as possible, meaning they can target a wider audience than you’re used to.

Articles form part of a long term content calendar for many reasons. Primarily, they can draw attention to your product or service through a different point of view. This typically involves breaking down a bigger question in your brand’s style.

Articles need to be more in depth than a blog post. This means they should be longer than 500 words and take upwards of 10 minutes to read. Most online publications aim for at least 1500 words for this format.

Articles take on a more professional tone. Blog posts tend to be more ‘chatty’, where you can have a conversation with the reader. This tone shift can be difficult to pull off, which is why we’ve created a specialised service.

Depending on what you want to write, your article may require between 24 hours of research or 7 days. We aim to keep this research period to a minimum as all our writers are trained and experienced in article production.